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Owners - Drs. David & Mary Prett
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Mini race with Nemo, Bailey and Sheridan

Dog Deirdre & cat Ginger

Eryn playing with her great-grandmother Rita

Eryn and her father Stephane finding a new use for cross country jumps

Maeve & Deidre in the HUMVEE

Retired pasture buddies Mikko & Frisky

Maeve on Jameson

Arnaud on Barley

Eryn finds new baby chicks

Eryn on Rascal with Charlie

Eryn finds the cows

Deirdre, Eryn and Dave in the RTV

Maeve with a small fish

New Arrival!
Sheridan. Our newest mini colt.
Mom is Mini Pearl.

Sheridan and Mini Pearl

Sheridan and Mini Pearl

Sheridan and Mini Pearl

Bailey's Irish Cream (Bailey)

Bushmills and Bailey

Bailey's Irish Cream (Bailey) and Mom (Tinkerbell) with Joy looking curiously in the background

Bailey and Mom with Joy looking curiosly in the background

Tinkerbell, Dave and Nemo

Our Percheron, Domino

Dave's toy!

Oh, was that your tail I just stepped on?
Ashtonn - 1990 Imported Gelding
Irish Sport Horse

A New Addition
Newborn Calf

"Now that's Funny!"
Molly Gairdner on Jameson

Beau of Bedai Ranch

"Beau", our home grown pure bred Charolais bull who keeps his Charolais and mixed breed "herd" of cows happy while they in turn keep all the trails free of overgrown grass and weeds allowing everyone to gallop and jump their horses without having to mow....

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