Bedai Ranch
Owners - Drs. David & Mary Prett
Phone: 713-975-7011

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Stall Pastures ....each of our horses is stalled in an enclosure that contains a 12'x12' stall which opens (freely) onto an exercise area. The stalls remain open to the exercise areas allowing the horse considerable freedom of movement at all times. The stalls can be easily closed off from the exercise areas...during bad weather situations, etc.

One of these stall pastures is designed with the injured/sick horse in mind and has a special heating capability.

Another is specifically designed for the retired/abused/recovering horse in mind. It is a 7 acre pasture with open stalls and 2 ponds. This area is designed with "total relaxation and recuperation" (for the horse) in mind.
Stall Barn .... We have a stall barn with normal side by side stalls for use when necessary. In our attempt to create the most natural environment for the horse these have been rarely used for continuous stabling. However, they are convenient for introducing horses to our more "open" environment.
Turnout ... We have many multi-acre turnout areas for our horses. Each is used in varying ways depending on how our horses relate to each other. Mostly our babies are turned out together, our mares and geldings in 2's and 3's etc, depending on who can be "friendly" and well behaved within a group. We do this in order that all our horses can have a daily "herd" experience.
Multi-acre Jumping Arena
We have EIGHT kinds of specific training arenas:
  • Regular show size jumping arena
  • Large multi-acre Jumping arena that can allow a real galloping jumping experience. This includes a large pond with a raised dike that not only adds to the visual beauty but can be integrated into the jumping circuit in order to really challenge the is a wonderful and safe way to introduce the "Greenie" Eventing prospect to the challenge of the cross-country jump "run".
  • Small Jumping arena with very tight and demanding turns .. good for building a flexible and agile jumper.
  • Free Jumping arena with 7 foot fencing all around
  • 20 meter round pen
  • 40m x 20m Dressage arena
  • 60m x 20m Dressage arena
Dressage Arena
  • 1Km galloping track ... specifically for strength and endurance training
  • 5 miles of open trails for hacking and general exercising
  • A specific set of trails containing some of the common cross-country jumps including water obstacles, banks, stair-steps etc.
  • ...and of course for the riders and trainers we have very comfortable onsite living accommodations for up to 5 people including all usual amenities (and even satellite TV).
For "entertainment" we have many stocked fishing ponds and of course all the amenities of nearby Huntsville and Houston, Texas.

To complete our description of Bedai Ranch we would be remiss if we did not mention our "main-house". This is a large log-cabin built in an old rustic "loft" style and completely surrounded by a "cooling" 8 ft roofed porch.

For our entertainment and challenge we also have 5 Irish setters who keep us and the horses safe and secure in the "country".
Beau of Bedai RanchFinally, there is "Beau", our home grown pure bred Charolais bull who keeps his Charolais and mixed breed "herd" of cows happy while they in turn keep all the trails free of overgrown grass and weeds allowing us to gallop and jump our horses without having to mow....In this sense, Beau and his girls may be the only ones on Bedai Ranch (besides our trainer) who does useful work. Beau has a special place in my heart because although he is now a big healthy 2000 lb bull he had a difficult birth and early "childhood" and I recall carrying him around in my arms during his early days ...not anymore.
Bedai Ranch is located in Huntsville, Texas, about an hour north of Huston.
Map of Huntsville, TX

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