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Bedai Ranch
Owners - Drs. David & Mary Prett
Phone: 713-975-7011

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David Prett, owner of Bedai Ranch, relaxing on the front porch

Dr. Mary McKay Prett, owner of Bedai Ranch
"Simply stated, we have created a nice place for nice people to have a nice time with nice horses. We want our riders, our trainers, and of course our horses to experience our facility as relaxing, absent of stress and conflict."

"Specifically we wanted to research and demonstrate a "way" of breeding, raising, training, and showing high performing horses that is enjoyable, exhilarating, and rewarding for both horse and rider.
We continuously say "horse and rider" because we firmly believe you really have to focus on both components of the "team" in order to achieve our overall vision."

"We have chosen to cater to all equestrian riding disciplines (Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing) in order to be inviting to all kinds of horses and riders."
Ashtonn of Bedai Ranch

Jameson of Bedai Ranch

Molly Gairdner came to us in 2002 as our rider and friend. She has helped us by 'gentling' our babies and riding our 'greenies'. She has succeeded, with the help of the Tropias of Clear Round in getting most of our extra horses sold and has moved on to new pastures with all of our best wishes.

David and Mary Prett

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